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how to use
It is very easy to use

The finished website is designed to be a learning resource for sound engineering students and sound engineers.

Whether you are using the website as a visitor or as a student of an affiliated Audio Engineering School, simply follow what comes next, in order to get the most from

The website is organised in two parts:


a set of classes that teach the relevant subjects that a student needs to train his ears to critical listening. the subjects are

- sound theory
- music theory

future developments will see the creation of a 'processing' set of classes.

The purpose is to provide a solid knowledge base that allows students to know what sound is and the way we hear.

Music theory knowledge is vital in studio sessions to quickly interact with the talents.

More about the importance of the single subjects is said at the beginning of each set of classes.


In order to train their ears, students need to practice, and therefore a set of tests increasing in difficulty is provided. These tests are 'public', which means that they can be taken as many times as one likes, just for practice. There are a few tests now, but they will be much more and they will change periodically. As you will see, you will get immediate feedback after you have taken the test.

Tests that are not public are only for users of affiliated Audio Engineering Schools students: these will be proficiency tests, which means that when a student is ready to take a test, he will be assigned to a test on a specific date and time and logging in with his password he will take the test. The results will be stored in a database, so that the college can have an official grade for its ear training examination. Proficiency tests will be programmed so that they can only be taken once: closing the window or trying to re-take it will cause an immediate 0% result. If a student passes a proficiency test he will be 'certified' by

The suggested way to follow the program is take the classes as they are ordered through an eight weeks period. Study the classes on screen to enjoy the multimedia content, or print them out if you prefer, and then take the relative tests. You will be successful in a test if you achieve 70% or more.

Make sure you are familiar with a subject before continuing.

However, you might be already familiar with one or more subjects, so feel free to use the website to suit your needs.

If you are an affiliated Audio Engineering School student, please refer to your SMPU supervisor for any issues.

Please make sure your sound system is set to an appropriate volume before you begin! Visit the calibration section to work that out.

Feel free to get in touch with us anytime.